Know About Slice Between
Sliced Between Hoagie Haven and George's, you will find a famous brick oven that has been in operation since 1997. We aim to continue the tradition of serving the best Pizza in Princeton. More than seven years after taking over management of Hoagie Haven, the Maltabes brothers opened a pizza restaurant next door on Nassau Street.

When previous owners Old World Pizza announced they were closing up, many Princetonians were sad to see them go. The diverse range of food offered between Hoagie Haven, Old World Pizza, and George's made that area in Princeton very popular for students as well as tourists. However, the newly established Slice Between is keeping up those traditions.

Hoagie Haven has been a Princeton staple since 1974, serving hoagies and sandwiches and grinders to scores of loyal customers. About 30 percent of the restaurant's customers are students and we hope to continue that tradition with Slice Between. We do crazy combo sandwiches, we add those ideas into the pizza-making ideas as well. The Sanchez pizza is quickly dominating the menu.

While Princetonians have certainly not forgotten Old World Pizza, Slice Between has quickly found a place in the Princeton community.